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Powered By WonderwareWonderware InTouch HMI graphic visualization software is now widely available on the Windows CE device of your choice.

Industry leading hardware manufacturers have partnered with Wonderware to offer a productive and cost saving combination of our premium industry HMI with the CE device that best fits your needs.

The “Powered by Wonderware” logo lets you know the unit is fully tested, certified, and ready to go out of the box with pre-installed InTouch Compact Edition software. 

To enable the pre-installed HMI software, choose from several license sizes offered separately and in multi-packs for extended value.




  • Operational uptime improvements for HMI applications by using solid state CE devices that contain no moving parts to wear out
  • Reduced IT Cost with systems that require little or no field maintenance and less user training
  • Save time and money with pre-tested and pre-installed HMI software on the CE device of your choice
  • Truly legendary ease-of use HMI Software across all levels of your plant including the low-cost CE devices
  • Lower engineering time and costs using a single development environment for both CE and Windows XP/Vista operating systems


Powered By WonderwareLower Cost Panels with Hardware, OS & Run Time Software range from approximately:

3.5"    $635

6"       $845

12"     $1600

15"     $1900

17"     $2500


Flexible Tag Counts:

100, 250, 500 Standard

  • powered by wonderwareDevelopment – Use standard or Consignment development license or new low cost development extension for WindowMaker to develop applications for Windows CE Devices.

  • Engineers save time and training because they work in a common Development environment for all HMI development from high end 10.1 applications to CE panels.
  • Runtime language switching in localized applications means your application can be designed once and distributed internationally.
  • Real-time and historical trending, alarming and logging
  • Sophisticated scripting to extend and customize applications for your specific needs
  • Scalable -  Integrate your panels and operator interfaces with Wonderware ArchestrA architecture


Product Data

InTouch vs, InTouch CE Comparison- Download

Arista Data Sheet - Download

Advantech Data Sheets - Download




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