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The common thread between InSource business units is "Intelligent Productivity". InSource Solutions partners with manufacturing and industrial businesses to pursue continuous improvement initiatives and achieve intelligent productivity through consulting, professional services, software and hardware solutions. InSource offers insight, expertise, and implementation experience, empowering manufacturing environments with the most flexible, scalable mix of services and solutions to fit their unique requirements.

InSource Solutions can help you achieve visibility across your enterprise.  Through our Consulting Services, we can help you to achieve measureable business results.  Let us show you how to use dashboards to visualize, tune and maximize your operations.

Let InSource Solutions show you how Real-Time Intelligence can help you.  InSource can help you to optimize your operational business impact.  See how dashboards can help you visualize, tune and maximize your operations.

InSource Solutions can help you to improve security and reliability within your operation.  Let us help you explore the strategic role of IT in the manufacturing environment.


InSource Solutions can help you achieve integrated and reliable engineering.  Let us help you enable the rapid construction, deployment and maintenance of your software applications.  Learn how to access Real-Time information to help reduce plant costs and improve revenues.

InSource Solutons can help you to improve your efficiency while empowering you to make a difference.  Learn how to quickly detect downtme and ensure consistent execution of all field tasks.

InSource Solutions can help you to learn how to improve your operations asset effectiveness without breaking the bank.  Learn more.



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The Customer FIRST program brings our resources together in one package and provides the flexibility to choose among several support levels.

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